Everyone knows that fall is a photographers busiest time of the year….so when my husband informed me that we would be putting up a wall in our home and getting wood floors throughout our house I was super excited, then realized…the week before Thanksgiving is not ideal! I am working in a corner of my bedroom with furniture piled all around me with mess and havoc everywhere (I can’t bring myself to take a photo of my working space). Throw in 2 small kids and add in editing every night….I am overwhelmed, but thankful. Absolutely.   Today is loud with all of the sanding and hand scraping that is taking place outside my bedroom door and I wanted to incorporate my kids with the work that is going on. To be completely honest, I haven’t been taking many personal photos lately. I let the craziness of my fall schedule take over, neglect my friends and of course my house becomes a disaster. My goal is to embrace the crazy. Not just when I remember, but every day. I plan on having camera in hand to document my kids throughout the fall and not put photos of my family on the back burner. I am going to try my best to be present with them and not let stress take over, enjoy our time together. My oldest will start kindergarten next fall….and as we all know….this precious time goes by so fast. Here he is trying to be near the construction but he could only take the noise for a few mintues until he ran into the safety of our bedroom.



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