We went camping in the desert! We live in Southwest Arizona, which means winter weather is perfect for outdoor activities. I love how the desert resembles Mars at times:


We hiked a nearby mountain and I grabbed this shot of my husband as we rested at the top:


We encountered quite a few critters on this trip, including foxes, scorpions, and this furry friend:


Sometimes we don’t see much wildlife at all. We were camping with my sister and her family and most of us were pretty excited about the critters, some were not so excited πŸ˜‰

What’s the best part about camping? Hanging by the campfire, of course! I couldn’t help but get creative with the kids in this awesome light:



Yes, they built two campfires. It made for great photos so all was good!

I love being a portrait photographer because the human face is just about my favorite thing ever.


However, getting out in nature and flexing my landscape photography muscles really stretches my creativity and gives me inspiration for my client work. I’m so happy about these beautiful days we spent in the desert!




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