Empty Space

We are in the finishing stages of our remodel and all of the furniture has been removed from our living room which the kids have now transformed into their own stage. There is scooter riding, cuddling up in blankets and general silliness. I think I might keep it that way for awhile. Here is a glimpse of what goes on in about 5 minutes at my house……


She found a nice nest in the blanket basket. My mother in law made many of the quilts here and I usually use them for client sessions as well. I can never keep the shelves clean….they are filled with DVD’s, photo albums and dozens of chat books ordered from Instagram. If you want to follow along, here is my account…. https://www.instagram.com/peachpinephotography.  It might be time to go back in and organize these shelves again…might make for a prettier image!


All snuggled up


For whatever reason they love getting wrapped up in these huge blankets and pretend they are ladybugs, or puppy dogs, or whatever the insect or animal of the days is.


Last year my brother and sister in law bought them a santa communicator and it is a hit this year as well. Makes for lots of fun conversations and giggles.



Ella decided she wanted to be part of the action….so here we go with her scooter….





And back to the microphone….you can see apparently my basset hound, Mosley refuses to be left out.


And one of my favorite moments from the day….all my little ones together, and most importantly….getting along!


And seriously….all I want for Christmas is peace in my house! More moments like this. I am thankful that my camera reminds me to slow down and remember that there was fun and laughter amid the craziness of our everyday.

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