Sudden inspiration

I was about to take a photo of my daughter digging through the refrigerator this evening when my son burst through the garage door where he had been helping my husband take out the trash. “MOM!!!! Come look at the sunset!!!!”  And so off we went. I was suddenly inspired and I actually had my camera in my hand. Click click!

For the record, he was right. We had an amazing Texas sunset for about 10 minutes until it faded away.



And after the clouds faded, we headed out to chase the remaining light for a few minutes in the cold! I love this photo of my daughter because living in Texas, we have more warm days than not and she truly forgot about putting her freezing hands inside her pockets! For the record, under her jacket she is wearing her most favorite shirt….Poppy from the Trolls movie with actual troll hair sticking out that reads glitter, sparkle, and shine! Pink and purple rock her world. Pink and Purple is also the name of her fish. Gavin’s fish is named Fire, along with his stuffed dog, stuffed turtle, and any other animal he loves.





And once pockets were discovered, they wanted to explore for a bit.






I spy the moon.


I attempted to take some selfies with my camera. It was comical!



So a big thank you to my son for doing a mundane task and noticing the beautiful. I love you guys so much!

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