Letting go of Perfection-Self Portrait

I recently read the book Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist.  It was a wonderful book and a moving reminder that being present is more then being perfect.  At least for her and as it is for me.  It was a struggle for her to get to that point of living.  And although in my life with my kids I think I’m pretty present over perfect most of the time (If you come to my home and see the mess you would surely see that) when it comes to my photography and my art it is hard for me to let go of being perfect.

This idea of art having to be perfect can certainly hold you back.  It had finally hit me, just before actually picking up this book and reading it, that I have to let go of perfection in order to grow in my art.

So here I share with you take 2 of my self portrait try for this month.  I decided that even though it is not completely sharp I had to let go…  And not only for my art but so that my children will have these memories…  If I decided this was not good enough and hit trash what would my kids have when I am no longer here…  Maybe one or two from a professional photos shoot, but would that be enough…


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