Nowadays we all are living a busy life. My everyday is made up of races: preparing the kids to go to school, driving into the traffic jam to get to my office, working eight hours (Eight? Yes, sure…. 🙂 ), picking the kids up, another traffic jam to go back home, homework, evening baths, dinners, the subsequent battle to put my children into bed at a reasonable hour, studying a little bit of English…

In that whirlwind, I often overlook the beauty in the details. That’s why some macro therapy is fabulous to slow down and refocus. This month I’ve done a bit of this rewarding therapy, that I highly recommend.

Some flowers:

Sol Sánchez

Sol Sánchez

Sugar crystals from the Christmas eve dessert:

Sol Sánchez

The frost on a leaf:

Sol Sánchez

Just a branch, with beautiful light:

Sol Sánchez

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