Dance Party…

It’s my 2017 resolution to take more photos, be in more photos….and oh yes….edit the mound of images from 2016. To start off January properly, I have been going through my archives and found this set from one year ago! You know….back when I was a brunette and my children were much smaller.

I set up my tripod and just clicked away, documenting our time together, just me and my then 3 year old daughter.  We started out with a dance party, had some cuddles and of course she wanted to take her own photos!




At this point, our basset hound decided to get in on the fun.






I love that we both have messy hair here.


This is my daughter and I taking a photo of each other….


And this is my little photographer and our set up!


Today when they get home from school, I am going to crank up the music and have some fun with my two little loves. Happy January!

4 thoughts on “Dance Party…

  1. This is wondeful and great wisdom. More dance parties with daughter. A perfect place to never let die or be forgotten. Ohotos and words. Outstanding and thank you. Your positive photos and words made me wish to write now.


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