A Winter Day At The Beach

For living on an island, one thing that we don’t do enough is go to the beach! Over the Lunar New Year Holiday Break we took a road trip to the east coast of Taiwan to the town of Dulan which is north of Taitung. It was so nice to have a break from the urban hustle and bustle, to feel the wind in your hair and hear the crashing waves. Typically when we travel I only bring along one camera lens, but I knew we’d be hanging out at the beach, and since we were road-tripping (is that a word?!) I wasn’t too concerned about carrying my gear. So, I brought along my new 24mm tilt shift lens, and my 135mm 2.0 in addition to my trust 24-70 2.8. (I challenge you to guess which lens is used in each image!) I was so thankful that i had my 135mm along for the extra reach when my oldest was boogie boarding for the first time, which she loved! I had a blast trying out the different lenses on this awesome day at the beach, and I think you can tell from the images that fun was had by all! And, who doesn’t like to be fed tiny tomatoes by hand (because you’re too sandy to feed yourself!)


And, if you’re wondering about this giant hole that my youngest literally built for hours, they were trying to construct a wishing well.


Thank you for looking at our fun day on the east coast of Taiwan.

2 thoughts on “A Winter Day At The Beach

    1. Rebecca Hunnicutt Farren

      Thank You Erin – We were lucky to get one of those kinda stormy days without the storm which kept people away and added lots of mood to the images too…and that dark sand really photographs well!!


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