Texas Bluebonnets

Spring in Texas means bluebonnets. As corporations are moving in and fields are being plowed up, we are seeing less and less in our area, but I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to drive on the highway and see long patches of endless blue flowers. There is a small field close to home, so one night when my husband was out of town, I took the kids out for mandatory bluebonnet photos. Posed photos are not really my thing, I prefer lifestyle so getting my kids to sit still….was comical. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from a warm spring evening in Texas.

When I asked them to hug…..

DSC_3342-Edit copy

When I asked her to smile! ha!

DSC_3373-Edit copy

I love this one because they were being peaceful and finding ladybugs. DSC_3398-Edit copy

He was not amused by her leaning in…..

DSC_3409 copy

She has all the heart eyes for her brother! I love these natural smiles and giggles. Melts my heart!DSC_3438-Edit copyDSC_3451 copyDSC_3459-Edit copy

DSC_3462-Edit copy

DSC_3466-Edit copy

And can we just talk about what a sweet big brother he is? He played along so that she could have a tea party in the bluebonnets.

DSC_3519-Edit copyDSC_3527-Edit copyDSC_3590-Edit copy

She has a brown portion in her eye that I adore.

DSC_3649-Edit copy

More of her looking at him like he is the greatest!DSC_3701-Edit copy

He was being so tender with her! Look at this precious hand on her head.DSC_3707-Edit copy

Ladybug on the bluebonnet and more ladybug huntingDSC_3773-Edit copyDSC_3797-Edit copyDSC_3800-Edit copyDSC_3848-Edit copyDSC_3876-Edit copyDSC_3892-Edit copy

Finally getting some of that golden light…but they were pretty much done at this point. I had to bribe them with rice krispy treats!DSC_4085-Edit copyDSC_4146-Edit copyDSC_4239-Edit copyDSC_4264-Edit copyDSC_4270-Edit-2 copyDSC_4283-Edit copyDSC_4295-Edit copy

And then it was time for bed! Enjoy your spring! xoxoxo


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