Texas Snow Day

Some years we don’t see any snow around this town. This year we received one glorious day of snow. A whole tablespoons worth! I’ll take it! Let me just say that in addition to the few flakes, we got chilly wind…it was freezing! My daughter was not a fan of the cold, but as you can see, she eventually changed her tune once she was able to warm up for a bit and I explained what a rare occurrence this was in Texas. These are from January 6, 2017. I was so excited for the snow that I even pulled my sweet boy out of school early. I mean come on….snow day!!!!!

Pure joy:

_DSC3630 copy

Pure misery: _DSC3637 copy_DSC3640 copy_DSC3653 copy_DSC3685 copy_DSC3689-2 copy

Back in the warm car. I have to admit….I was freezing. It was 18 degrees outside. No, thank you!_DSC3701 copy

Blurry…but who cares! Look at that happiness!!!!_DSC3708 copy_DSC3714 copy

Protected from the wind, she is starting to get into this snow business…._DSC3721 copy_DSC3724 copy_DSC3725 copy_DSC3729 copy_DSC3734 copy

My favorite part…..when they have fun together. Love these two so much._DSC3739 copy_DSC3746 copy_DSC3755 copy_DSC3811 copy_DSC3825 copy_DSC3866 copy_DSC3872 copy_DSC3960 copy_DSC3978 copy_DSC3985 copy

She came back out for one more snowflake….and I just love her shirt. I bought this for her back in Cabo (take me back)

_DSC3580 copy

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