To me the more curious a child is, the more he learns. I always strive to nurture my children’s curiosity and find it as one of the most important ways I can help them to become lifelong learners.

I took a mini film of them exploring at NEMO Science Museum, where they could experience how science works and play with energy, water, build blocks and so much more.


My girls don’t know what snow is, even though I grew up in a country where the winters are quite sever, temperatures do get brutal and everything is covered with so much snow. But for my girls, snow is a miracle, and every year they are filled with hope that it is going to snow. This month it was snowing for a couple of days, oh well, it was almost raining and the snow was melting as soon as it was touching the ground. But, oh my goodness, there was so much happiness and joy on their faces. This made me want to take my camera and create a film where I could capture those magical moments.



november portrait of a girl

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” – Dorothea Lange

In our progressively busy lives it’s difficult to always be in the moment. Since I had my kids I feel acutely aware of how quickly time goes and I find myself trying to hang on to those memories a little longer by taking pictures. I love being able to express myself through my camera and use it to tell our stories that I want to remember.

I am determined to learn how to shoot and edit video because I want to document and preserve their moment so it can live and move me in a way that stills don’t.