Texas Snow Day

Some years we don’t see any snow around this town. This year we received one glorious day of snow. A whole tablespoons worth! I’ll take it! Let me just say that in addition to the few flakes, we got chilly wind…it was freezing! My daughter was not a fan of the cold, but as you can see, she eventually changed her tune once she was able to warm up for a bit and I explained what a rare occurrence this was in Texas. These are from January 6, 2017. I was so excited for the snow that I even pulled my sweet boy out of school early. I mean come on….snow day!!!!!

Pure joy:

_DSC3630 copy

Pure misery: _DSC3637 copy_DSC3640 copy_DSC3653 copy_DSC3685 copy_DSC3689-2 copy

Back in the warm car. I have to admit….I was freezing. It was 18 degrees outside. No, thank you!_DSC3701 copy

Blurry…but who cares! Look at that happiness!!!!_DSC3708 copy_DSC3714 copy

Protected from the wind, she is starting to get into this snow business…._DSC3721 copy_DSC3724 copy_DSC3725 copy_DSC3729 copy_DSC3734 copy

My favorite part…..when they have fun together. Love these two so much._DSC3739 copy_DSC3746 copy_DSC3755 copy_DSC3811 copy_DSC3825 copy_DSC3866 copy_DSC3872 copy_DSC3960 copy_DSC3978 copy_DSC3985 copy

She came back out for one more snowflake….and I just love her shirt. I bought this for her back in Cabo (take me back)

_DSC3580 copy

Texas Bluebonnets

Spring in Texas means bluebonnets. As corporations are moving in and fields are being plowed up, we are seeing less and less in our area, but I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to drive on the highway and see long patches of endless blue flowers. There is a small field close to home, so one night when my husband was out of town, I took the kids out for mandatory bluebonnet photos. Posed photos are not really my thing, I prefer lifestyle so getting my kids to sit still….was comical. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from a warm spring evening in Texas.

When I asked them to hug…..

DSC_3342-Edit copy

When I asked her to smile! ha!

DSC_3373-Edit copy

I love this one because they were being peaceful and finding ladybugs. DSC_3398-Edit copy

He was not amused by her leaning in…..

DSC_3409 copy

She has all the heart eyes for her brother! I love these natural smiles and giggles. Melts my heart!DSC_3438-Edit copyDSC_3451 copyDSC_3459-Edit copy

DSC_3462-Edit copy

DSC_3466-Edit copy

And can we just talk about what a sweet big brother he is? He played along so that she could have a tea party in the bluebonnets.

DSC_3519-Edit copyDSC_3527-Edit copyDSC_3590-Edit copy

She has a brown portion in her eye that I adore.

DSC_3649-Edit copy

More of her looking at him like he is the greatest!DSC_3701-Edit copy

He was being so tender with her! Look at this precious hand on her head.DSC_3707-Edit copy

Ladybug on the bluebonnet and more ladybug huntingDSC_3773-Edit copyDSC_3797-Edit copyDSC_3800-Edit copyDSC_3848-Edit copyDSC_3876-Edit copyDSC_3892-Edit copy

Finally getting some of that golden light…but they were pretty much done at this point. I had to bribe them with rice krispy treats!DSC_4085-Edit copyDSC_4146-Edit copyDSC_4239-Edit copyDSC_4264-Edit copyDSC_4270-Edit-2 copyDSC_4283-Edit copyDSC_4295-Edit copy

And then it was time for bed! Enjoy your spring! xoxoxo


Texas Fog

In Texas, fog is a rare occurrence. When there is fog (once or twice a year) you better believe I have the need to go shoot in this dreamy weather. In this case…the fog rolled in on New Years Day 2017. Yep, I am really behind on editing (who else can relate). I have been wanting to blog about this day in the fog since it happened…and I have 20 minutes left before I go pick up my sweet babies! I am super excited to finally take a look at these images and share them with you!

This first image was an accident. I had my camera set to double exposure and it actually gave me anxiety to look at this image and imagine if I had twin girls. One little lady is all I can handle in this stage of the game.

_DSC3053-2 copy 3

Ok, so settings fixed….here is what I had in my head.

DSC_6869 copy

DSC_6937 copy 3

DSC_6989 copy

I love the natural highlights in her hair. She would love nothing more than to have long hair right now.

DSC_6999 copy

Finding treasures in nature

DSC_7112 copyDSC_7158-Edit copyThanks for sharing our morning with us! Here’s to 2017….are you still on the path that you set out for yourself? I am struggling, but determined.  Off to pick up my kids. If you want to follow along on our daily adventures…follow me on instagram as well….   https://www.instagram.com/peachpinephotography

DSC_7022 copy

Dance Party…

It’s my 2017 resolution to take more photos, be in more photos….and oh yes….edit the mound of images from 2016. To start off January properly, I have been going through my archives and found this set from one year ago! You know….back when I was a brunette and my children were much smaller.

I set up my tripod and just clicked away, documenting our time together, just me and my then 3 year old daughter.  We started out with a dance party, had some cuddles and of course she wanted to take her own photos!




At this point, our basset hound decided to get in on the fun.






I love that we both have messy hair here.


This is my daughter and I taking a photo of each other….


And this is my little photographer and our set up!


Today when they get home from school, I am going to crank up the music and have some fun with my two little loves. Happy January!

Sudden inspiration

I was about to take a photo of my daughter digging through the refrigerator this evening when my son burst through the garage door where he had been helping my husband take out the trash. “MOM!!!! Come look at the sunset!!!!”  And so off we went. I was suddenly inspired and I actually had my camera in my hand. Click click!

For the record, he was right. We had an amazing Texas sunset for about 10 minutes until it faded away.



And after the clouds faded, we headed out to chase the remaining light for a few minutes in the cold! I love this photo of my daughter because living in Texas, we have more warm days than not and she truly forgot about putting her freezing hands inside her pockets! For the record, under her jacket she is wearing her most favorite shirt….Poppy from the Trolls movie with actual troll hair sticking out that reads glitter, sparkle, and shine! Pink and purple rock her world. Pink and Purple is also the name of her fish. Gavin’s fish is named Fire, along with his stuffed dog, stuffed turtle, and any other animal he loves.





And once pockets were discovered, they wanted to explore for a bit.






I spy the moon.


I attempted to take some selfies with my camera. It was comical!



So a big thank you to my son for doing a mundane task and noticing the beautiful. I love you guys so much!

Empty Space

We are in the finishing stages of our remodel and all of the furniture has been removed from our living room which the kids have now transformed into their own stage. There is scooter riding, cuddling up in blankets and general silliness. I think I might keep it that way for awhile. Here is a glimpse of what goes on in about 5 minutes at my house……


She found a nice nest in the blanket basket. My mother in law made many of the quilts here and I usually use them for client sessions as well. I can never keep the shelves clean….they are filled with DVD’s, photo albums and dozens of chat books ordered from Instagram. If you want to follow along, here is my account…. https://www.instagram.com/peachpinephotography.  It might be time to go back in and organize these shelves again…might make for a prettier image!


All snuggled up


For whatever reason they love getting wrapped up in these huge blankets and pretend they are ladybugs, or puppy dogs, or whatever the insect or animal of the days is.


Last year my brother and sister in law bought them a santa communicator and it is a hit this year as well. Makes for lots of fun conversations and giggles.



Ella decided she wanted to be part of the action….so here we go with her scooter….





And back to the microphone….you can see apparently my basset hound, Mosley refuses to be left out.


And one of my favorite moments from the day….all my little ones together, and most importantly….getting along!


And seriously….all I want for Christmas is peace in my house! More moments like this. I am thankful that my camera reminds me to slow down and remember that there was fun and laughter amid the craziness of our everyday.