Texas Fog

In Texas, fog is a rare occurrence. When there is fog (once or twice a year) you better believe I have the need to go shoot in this dreamy weather. In this case…the fog rolled in on New Years Day 2017. Yep, I am really behind on editing (who else can relate). I have been wanting to blog about this day in the fog since it happened…and I have 20 minutes left before I go pick up my sweet babies! I am super excited to finally take a look at these images and share them with you!

This first image was an accident. I had my camera set to double exposure and it actually gave me anxiety to look at this image and imagine if I had twin girls. One little lady is all I can handle in this stage of the game.

_DSC3053-2 copy 3

Ok, so settings fixed….here is what I had in my head.

DSC_6869 copy

DSC_6937 copy 3

DSC_6989 copy

I love the natural highlights in her hair. She would love nothing more than to have long hair right now.

DSC_6999 copy

Finding treasures in nature

DSC_7112 copyDSC_7158-Edit copyThanks for sharing our morning with us! Here’s to 2017….are you still on the path that you set out for yourself? I am struggling, but determined.  Off to pick up my kids. If you want to follow along on our daily adventures…follow me on instagram as well….   https://www.instagram.com/peachpinephotography

DSC_7022 copy

Fall: A Distraction

In case you haven’t heard, we recently had an election in the US. An election that was preceded by at least two long years of political preamble, with the knowledge that in another two years this process will begin again. After election day I was desperately needing a distraction so with my husband away for the weekend, I talked my mom into a trip to apple country- Julian, CA. We live in the desert southwest with plenty of dirt, cactus, and a stunning lack of fall colors (also some incredibly amazing sunsets, but I’ll leave that for another post). A day among the fall flora and fauna was just what we needed!   We were excited for cooler weather so I packed my cute, knee-high boots in the car (because boots are a no-go when the temp outside is 80+), slipped on my flip-flops and hit the road. As it turned out, Julian was too warm for boots so I ended up wearing flip-flops with my long sweater and leggings, proving that I’m definitely a desert rat.

But the fall colors!


Seriously, I could have walked the main street all day taking pictures.


Eventually though, we had to get some pie. We stood in line a good 45 minutes, as one does for good pie!


We decided to explore the local cemetery and being that it was Veteran’s Day, we were greeted with small flags throughout. My kids are lucky and haven’t experienced much loss in their life so far. It was a great experience for them to see how short life can be, and how great sacrifice has led to our freedom.


While walking through the shops I was taken with the light in this stairwell and this one little leaf that was begging to be photographed.


Our time in Julian, CA was short, but a gorgeous and relaxing break from reality. I think we all found some zen.


And we had bit of fun trying and sometimes failing to climb trees.


I was happy to catch a shot of a carriage ride going by. I freaking love horses and will yell “horsey!” every time I see one:)


Whether it’s fall or spring where you are, I hope you are enjoying it as much as we did on our little day trip!