My girls don’t know what snow is, even though I grew up in a country where the winters are quite sever, temperatures do get brutal and everything is covered with so much snow. But for my girls, snow is a miracle, and every year they are filled with hope that it is going to snow. This month it was snowing for a couple of days, oh well, it was almost raining and the snow was melting as soon as it was touching the ground. But, oh my goodness, there was so much happiness and joy on their faces. This made me want to take my camera and create a film where I could capture those magical moments.


Moody Images from Devon & Cornwall

I had the great privilege of visiting England for the holidays. Rob and I went to visit his family in Plymouth, because it’s been a couple of years since he’s been back home. We had an amazing time hanging out with his family, wandering Dartmoor, and visiting what feels like every small and beautiful town along the Cornish coast.

These images are probably reflective of my mood during the holidays. Every time I grabbed the camera, I looked for a way to make the image moody. It certainly was accomplished! These are my faves from the trip.

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While I was there, I got pretty sick and am still trying to recover. I’ve had 3 infections, a cold that won’t get even a bit better (I’m starting to wonder if I have strep!), and a week of hives. I honestly think that the stress and anguish from 2016 is violently exiting my body in preparation for a clean start to 2017!

ebony-logins-clickin-moms-daily-project-wedding-victoria-bc-46 ebony-logins-clickin-moms-daily-project-wedding-victoria-bc-47

I am glad I was never too sick to enjoy my time there, aside from New Year’s Eve. I spent the evening in bed, but it wasn’t a loss. I got to see the most incredible fireworks display of my life! Plymouth doesn’t have a firework show, so people bought their own to set off at midnight. For 20 minutes, the entire skyline was lit up! It was so beautiful, I couldn’t regret my choice to stay in and recharge.